One of the top EDM DJs and producers in the world, Martin Garrix, recently stopped by The Forum Shops at Caesars to help unveil TAG Heuer’s newest timepiece, the Carrera Calibre 01 Las Vegas Limited Edition Watch. For nearly three years Garrix has been a world ambassador for the cutting-edge brand, as well as embodying its ongoing “Don’t Crack Under Pressure” campaign. During the event Las Vegas Magazine’s Kiko Miyasato talked with the Dutch-born music star and discussed his partnership with TAG Heuer.

How did you get involved with TAG Heuer?

Three years ago, they reached out to see if I was interested in working together. Then at that moment I started to dig in and do some research on (TAG Heuer) and I visited their factory in Switzerland and a whole new world opened with TAG Heuer and the whole watch industry. It’s just crazy how they’re made. Then it was a no-brainer—working with them has been super fun. They’re very open to new ideas. We’ve been doing shows together, they’ve been a part of my Ibiza residency. It’s just been fun, good energy, good times.

Is there a particular watch or style you like to wear?

The Monaco V4 Phantom. I wear it everywhere. It’s not super heavy. I love it. It’s made from carbon. It works with every outfit.

How would you describe your personal style?

I love comfy stuff (laughs). If it’s up to me I’m running around in jogging pants all day. I also like street wear stuff.

The campaign for TAG Heuer is “Don’t Crack Under Pressure.” How do you personally handle pressure?

I have my family and friends. My parents, my sister. Whenever all the crazy stuff is happening I can share it with them—they’re a part of it. They balance it out.

I watched the commercial you did for TAG Heuer. How was the process? I saw you jumped off a cliff!

It was amazing! I jumped a few times but we had to stop filming because there was jellyfish in the water. We have a behind-the-scenes video, you see me being stung. It’s on my YouTube page.

Speaking of time—what do you like to do with your time when you’re not performing?

I love to make music. For me it’s like a way of relaxing. I get ideas in my head and the melodies come out and I write lyrics, produce it. Some people like to play video games, for me I don’t play games, I don’t watch TV. I make music.

When you’re on stage, what kind of time are you having? What does time feel like onstage?

It’s really weird because I don’t realize what is happening when I’m on stage. It’s almost like I’m a different person, like a switch in my head. My team will tell me ‘Hey Martin, 30 minutes left, 15 minutes left,’ because if they don’t tell me that I’ll forget it and play for hours and hours. It’s crazy. When I’m on stage I’m in my own world—the crowd, the music and me. It’s just energy!