Unless you’re a casino savant, you may be oblivious to the M Resort in Henderson. Situated on the south tip of Las Vegas Boulevard, it’s a beacon for Southern California commuters; if you’re not traveling up Interstate 15, you may not wander anywhere near it. But if you’re looking for an escape from the neon of the Strip, then M Resort’s Jayde Fuzion is an oasis in the desert.

As you might surmise from the name, Jayde Fuzion focuses on fusion offerings where varying cuisines blend. In the capable hands of executive chef and Strip veteran Mark Sandoval, Jayde’s menu is a passport to the Far East and beyond where Korean transitions into Thai which melds into Mexican and coalesces into Chinese seamlessly. It’s an exciting menu where, like the Transformers, there’s more than meets the eye.

Begin with the barbecue-grilled Misty Point oysters. Served with sriracha—rooster sauce to you and me—mayo and wasabi tobiko, the bivalves inherit a smokiness from the wood-fired grill and sweetness from the unagi (eel) sauce. This offering showcases why fusion cuisine is so popular, as handpicking the greatest hits from numerous cuisines is simply an equation for success.

Soups, while typically simple, showcase a kitchen’s eye of detail; Jayde’s certainly demonstrate the talent of its kitchen. Roasted shitake mushroom soup is rich and robust while softened with the addition of coriander cream, while wonton soup delivers savory pork dumplings with a traditional broth. And hot and sour soup is deeply complex while spiced with the addition of sambal—an Indonesian hot sauce.

Jayde’s Korean street “tacos” are a seriously outstanding version of the Koji specialty that began the food truck revolution in L.A. The special twist in Jayde’s rendition is scallion pancakes in lieu of taco shells with which to swaddle your bulgogi. Top the slightly sweet, marinated beef with cabbage tossed with mild kimchi vinaigrette, and you’ve assembled an incredibly addictive dish.

And on the heartier side, salt and pepper whole soft-shell crab is a wok-seared treat. Lightly battered and well-seasoned with the ample addition of chilies, the dish is a study in balance as the chilies flavor the crustacean without overpowering. Or explore the surf and turf where the surf is represented by pancetta-wrapped prawns upon a kombu and seaweed salad, and a diver sea scallop basted with Thai basil brown butter, accompanied by a cauliflower purée. From the turf side, a Szechuan peppercorn filet medallion rests upon Chinese hot mustard-infused potato purée. This trio is truly a showcase of fusion.

For dessert, yuzu—a Japanese citrus fruit akin to grapefruit—awaits. Made-to-order yuzu doughnuts, served with toasted pistachios, deliver sweetness and acidity with each bite, while an ethereal white chocolate-strawberry-yuzu mousse offers hints of citrus combined with milky chocolate. Either makes for a fitting final port on your trip through the Far East at Jayde Fuzion.

M Resort, 5-10 p.m. daily. 702.797.1000