Sometimes you just want to have fun during dinner—the food’s important, sure, but you also want that party atmosphere, the air of unpredictability where anything can—and might—happen. And for a perfect blend of both food and frivolity, you need to head straight for Guy Fieri’s El Burro Borracho at Rio, the latest Las Vegas outpost for the celebrity chef.

From the second you enter Fieri’s Mexican eatery, you feel like smiling. Strategically placed sombreros and a large mural over the bar and kitchen painted by Fieri’s tattoo artist, Craig Frazier, and featuring all of Fieri’s tattoos, put you in a festive mood. Even the name of the restaurant—translated, it means “drunken donkey”—elicits the feeling that everyone’s welcome here.

Fieri’s brand is everywhere, from the small souvenir area at the front of the room (featuring sauces, hats, T-shirts, books and maracas) to the menu. Make sure to start your experience with Guy’s Guacamole, which you can tailor to your individual needs. The more you add, the better it is. We recommend adding cucumber, shrimp and crab, but feel free to experiment with chorizo, roasted poblanos, pineapple and lobster.

For a real “wow!” factor at your table to get heads turning, order some Trash Can Nachos, served in a metal pitcher with the bottom removed. The server slowly lifts the pitcher up, allowing the gooey concoction to ooze deliciously onto your plate. And there’s a tasty twist awaiting you: The whole thing is topped with onions pickled in port wine.

Don’t miss out on the margaritas, served in imposing-looking glasses that almost require two hands to lift. Particularly notable are the Caliente margarita, which really brings its jalapeño heat to the forefront, and the pineapple-habanero margarita, which features a pleasant balance of sweetness and heat. With more than 30 tequilas on hand, you can have quite an adventure with the cocktail menu here.

The classic Mexican staples get the true Fieri treatment. Piccadillo tacos are small but packed with flavor, a wonderful mix of Sonoran-style braised beef, green olives, raisins, brown sugar, shredded cabbage and tequila-lime crema. Whether you’re someone who has never tried mole (or you have but perhaps didn’t care for it), the chicken mole enchiladas here will win you over. The mole, slightly sweet but never overpowering, is a great example of how the sauce should be prepared. A sizzling plate of shrimp and carne asada fajitas will have you fighting your tablemates over the last tortilla.

Desserts are distinctive, particularly Nacho Average Dessert, featuring tortilla chips made with chocolate and vanilla and topped with ice cream and a spicy leche sauce. The coconut tres leches bread pudding is thick and soft, drizzled with coconut crème anglaise and toasted coconut.

This is a restaurant where you’ll hear “Happy Birthday” sung multiple times during your meal, but even if it isn’t your birthday, trust us—you’ll feel like one of the party here.

Rio, 4-10 p.m. daily. 702.777.7777