There are two kinds of people: those who like pizza and those who don’t. This is for all who do. Although as long as man’s been making bread, he’s been putting stuff on it, pizza today traces its roots back to Naples, Italy. In the modern world, there’s got to be a million places to get pizza, and a significant number of those are in Vegas. Since it’s National Pizza Month, let’s take a bite from that scene.

For that Napoletana-style pizza, as well as several other styles—Chicago, Sicilian, Californian—head to Pizza Rock at Green Valley Ranch (702.617.7075). The restaurant has several ovens ranging from wood-fired to gas, and where the pie gets cooked depends on the type. Personal fave: the Honey Pie. Tuesdays from 7-9 p.m., Geeks Who Drink fires up a trivia contest, and you could win drinks and gift cards.

Grimaldi’s at The Grand Canal Shoppes (702.754.3450) is proud of its 25-ton coal-fired brick oven, and with good reason—the pizzas and calzones have great flavor with crispy, charred crusts. The quattro formaggi is just heaven. Plus, it’s really pretty here—the chandeliers are handmade from wine bottles.

Pizza Lotto at El Cortez (702.474.3677) looks like a classic hole-in-the wall joint in New York, with a few tables and thin slices of cheese or pepperoni perfect for folding in half, plus garlic knots. Garlic knots might not be a staple of every pizza joint, but they are darned delish and should be. Another place to fold that cheesy triangle is Slice of Vegas in Mandalay Place (702.632.6470). It’s perfect for happy hour.

Two places to watch while your pizzas are being cooked are 800 Degrees at SLS (702.761.7616) and Flour & Barley in The Linq Promenade (702.430.4430). Get in line at 800 Degrees and pick your toppings—it’s literally just a minute of cooking. The fragrance alone will drive you mad. At Flour & Barley, get a seat close to the action and some interesting pies, with toppings like meatballs, peas, asparagus, smoked bacon and gorgonzola. Recently the restaurant introduced the Frito Pie—yup, that one has chili, Fritos corn chips and cheese.

At Circus Circus, the Pizzeria (702.734.0410) will build to suit, or you can get something jazzy like the chicken fajita pizza (pile on those jalapeños). Over at Tom’s Urban in New York-New York (702.761.7616), you can get a variety of globally inspired dishes—and new varieties of pizza like the Pig in the Garden, with three meats and veggies and asadero cheese.