You’ll undoubtedly recognize many of the dishes on the menu of Citizens Kitchen & Bar in Mandalay Bay. Heck, you’ve probably served a few of those yourself. But you’ve probably never gotten quite the quality and flavor that you’ll find in the comfort foods in the open-space eatery at the beginning of restaurant row in the resort.

The artichoke dip here would take over any Super Bowl party. It features spinach and is taken up a notch from the average dip by a five-cheese combination: Swiss, mozzarella, Boursin and cream make a rich base with Parmesan on top adding some extra zip.

Another play on the familiar is the BBQ chicken salad. This is one of those kitchen-sink salads with each element—onions rings, chicken, avocado, grilled corn, black beans and pico de gallo—working together to create a Tex-meets-Mex style of salad with an array of textures and tastes. Although those multiple flavors could end up fighting each other, the sweetness of the corn, creaminess of the avocado and tanginess of the barbecue sauce combine for a memorable course that can be shared or eaten as an entrée.

Those looking for a heftier main dish should stop at the house specialty: prime rib dinner. This meaty behemoth is cooked to order so diners can enjoy the slab of beef at the temperature of their choosing—why anyone would go more than medium rare is a question we can’t answer, but each to his own. The meat is tender and juicy and the horseradish sauce that comes with it punches the whole thing up. The loaded baked potato and steamed broccoli remind you that this is an American dinner, dag nab it!

If you’d prefer a sandwich, the turkey avocado makes a great choice. Muenster cheese, sprouts, lemon aioli and tomato, plus a heaping portion of turkey and a generous amount of avocado, sit between two slices of cranberry walnut bread. The flavors create a hearty, rustic sandwich.

Time for a cocktail? Keep it simple with a blueberry spritz. Skyy Blueberry vodka, white cranberry juice and sparkling wine remind the drinker that sometimes the best combinations are the easiest. This is a perfect summer spritzer.

Calling desserts large is understating the size of the sweets at Citizens Kitchen. Order as many as you like as long as that order includes the carrot cake. The sweetness of fluffy orange cake is complemented by the sour cream cheese glaze.

Mandalay Bay, open 24 hours daily. 702.632.9200