Inside the Golden Nugget, Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse is the only downtown steakhouse—and one of just a few in Las Vegas—to carry true Kobe beef. There’s even a bronze statue on display to confirm the certification. Authentic Kobe beef comes from Tajima cattle raised on a diet of grass and grain in Japan’s Hyogo prefecture. The marbling produces a bright, distinct flavor that executive chef Gary Fowler describes as “beef and butter in your mouth at the same time.”

It’s perfect for the steak lover who values taste over size. Vic & Anthony’s presents a 5-ounce serving of gently seared A5 Kobe with just a sprinkle of coarse salt. Served in slices, the cool temperature allows the flavor of the meat to settle easily in the mouth and be savored slowly.

A 6-ounce filet of Japanese A5 wagyu from Kagoshima in Japan’s southern tip offers a similar taste in a thicker, sturdier cut. However, if you truly want to go big, the 40-ounce bone-in tomahawk is designed to share. The beef is from cattle fed on nothing but grass on the pastures of Cape Grim, Tasmania. The taste is less fatty, but still robust, especially if you grab a slice with a little extra char around the edges.

Nosh: Vic & Anthony's

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Round out any steak dinner with a lobster tail. Sweeter options come from the cold waters of Australia. Firmer ones from the warm waters of the Caribbean. Either needs little more than a touch of butter. Side dishes like au gratin potatoes, creamed corn and abalone mushroom spinach are reminders of home comfort.

Begin your meal in style with a variety of options. Japanese A5 wagyu makes its presence felt again in the form of a carpaccio appetizer, topped with olive oil and presented on toasted brioche. The jumbo lump crab cake is one of the best in Vegas, prepared with the freshest crab possible and a rich chive beurre blanc that keeps every bite moist and tender. A pear salad topped with saga—a creamy version of blue cheese—is balanced with candied pecans. It has so much flavor and heft, no added meat is necessary.

Yet the most rewarding appetizer may be Nueske’s Wisconsin bacon—sliced, roasted and grilled in house. The thick-cut meat is mixed with whole black peppers and flavored with honey, bourbon, maple syrup—and in a fun twist, root beer. It sounds sweet, but the taste is well-rounded and surprisingly restrained.

For dessert, get the camera ready—and don’t blink—for In The Round. The chocolate sphere cracks open when topped with banana caramel sauce, revealing a biscuit and semifreddo inside. The bread pudding, from croissants, is as delicious, with cinnamon custard, caramel ice cream and toffee.

The wine list is exceptional but the cocktail menu has a certain swagger that matches the dim lights, vintage decor and old-school attitude of the dining room. The Final Word is a twist on a Prohibition-era cocktail known as the Last Word, with rye in place of gin, yellow Chartreuse, Luxardo and lemon zest. Much like Vic & Anthony’s itself, the drink is strong in character and leaves you wanting more.

Golden Nugget, 5-11 p.m. daily. 702.386.8399