If you want one of the quintessential dining experiences at Mott 32, look no further than the 42-day Peking duck. Mott 32 specializes in the Cantonese cuisine of Hong Kong. It begins with brick oven-smoked duck being carted to your table. The crispy skin is served first, after which the fowl is sliced thin and served with steamed pancakes and hoisin sauce mixed with peanut and sesame sauces.

But don’t stop there. Your journey has only just begun. Other destination dishes include smoked black cod (served underneath a smoking dome) and barbecue pluma Iberico pork (a marbled cut from the end of the loin). You can also enjoy Iberico in a pair of soups: a traditional and hot and sour rendition.

Don’t skip the cocktail menu, especially the Hanami cocktail, a citrusy and boozy blend of plum wine, yuzu and shiso served in oversized stemware.

The Palazzo, 702.607.3232

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