The Tom behind Tom’s Urban, Tom Ryan, is an interesting presence in the restaurant business. He’s not a chef, but he’s the brain behind Smashburger, and he’s credited with creating the McDonald’s McGriddle and Pizza Hut’s Stuffed Crust Pizza, so he knows a thing or two about flavor combinations.

With that said, Tom has a strong sense of creativity, as well as a desire to elevate American food with diverse flavors, and it’s clearly expressed in his dishes. Tom’s Urban’s menu offers plates like a Kansas City-style barbecue chicken pizza and Xiangxiang crispy duck wings slathered with a hoisin glaze. But the crispy chicken and cornbread pancake is what really shines. The sweet cornbread pancake crumbles underneath Nashville hot chicken, and while your first bite might pack some heat, salted caramel butter and maple syrup help subdue the spice, creating a spicy-sweet flavor explosion.

New York-New York, 702.740.6766

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