Every time you gape in wonder, an Angel earns his wings. That would be the Goth-looking one who stars in CRISS ANGEL Believe, an extravaganza of magical acts crossed with Cirque du Soleil’s signature flourishes, live musicians, a DJ and the star’s own exhortations to the audience to get up and get loud.

Amid dark, mysterious sets generating a surreal vibe, the black leather-clad magician famed for his ambitious stunts—and aided by his comic sidekick, Maestro—pulls off more than 30 tricks and illusions. In just 30 seconds—go on, time it—he escapes from a straitjacket while suspended on a hook above fans.

More disappearances, levitations and sawing a woman in half are on tap, but all of it is touched by the unique Angel theatricality—a dreamlike atmosphere punctuated by fantastical Cirque characters, dramatic music and eerie lighting. Peppered throughout is the street magic popularized by Angel on television, and even some illusions made famous by every magician’s inspiration, Harry Houdini. Deploying a larger-than-life rock-star persona, this premier prestidigitator is determined to make you “believe.”

Luxor, 7 p.m. Sun., 7 & 9:30 p.m. Wed.-Sat., 7 p.m. show only Oct. 30-31, $59-$160 plus tax and fee. 702.262.4400