Michael Carbonaro is a man who has found his niche. The Long Island-born magician has been plying his trade since he was a teenager, earning so much money in his youth that he was able to pay for college while he was still in high school. He further honed his craft at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, expanding not only on his magical capabilities, but also his work as an actor and improv artist.

He bounced around on some major productions including appearing in Chappelle’s Show and Not Another Teen Movie. He had his own segment on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno called “Magic Clerk” where, as the title implies, he was a store clerk who tricked customers with strange magic on hidden camera. That premise was expanded on TruTV with his own show, The Carbonaro Effect, where he fools unsuspecting people with tricks like pulling a live bug out of a cell phone while he’s playing a phone technician. Similarly, he pulls live animals out of envelopes or bowling balls out of flat boxes. The program is so popular it is currently broadcast in eight other countries.

Carbonaro is currently touring the U.S., wowing live audiences with the same kind of “effect” found on TV.

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