A band whose most successful single is titled “Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver” seems like it might be a novelty act, but Primus has made a long and influential career out of goofy, quirky songs like that. The band masterminded by singer-songwriter and bassist Les Claypool has carved out its own niche for itself, equally at home among metal bands, jam bands and experimental artists. What other group could fit in just as well at the metal-oriented Ozzfest, the jam-band Summer Camp Music Festival and opening for Metallica and Rush?

Primus may be more than a bit weird (the band’s most recent album was a full-length cover of the Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory soundtrack), but that doesn’t mean the members aren’t accomplished musicians. In addition to Claypool, the trio includes longtime collaborators Larry LaLonde on guitar and Tim Alexander on drums, both of whom first joined the band prior to 1990 debut album Frizzle Fry. The band is hard at work on a new album of original material, some of which may show up on the current tour. Chances are it’ll be strange, original and musically adventurous.

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