If you’re a casual fan of the alt-rock band 311, you probably assume “311” is some sort of homage to March 11—perhaps the day the group formed in Omaha, Neb. It would be a solid assumption … but wrong. And yet it would also be wrong to assume March 11 isn’t an important date in the band’s history. Confused? Allow us to explain, while also providing additional little-known tidbits about this five-piece group, which first gained mainstream momentum with its 1993 debut album, Music:

Fact: 311 is the police code for indecent exposure in Omaha, where the band’s original guitarist was once arrested for streaking.

Fact: On March 11, 2000, “311 Day” was christened in New Orleans, where the band performed a career-long, 47-song set. “311 Day” has since been celebrated in every even-numbered year.

Fact: In 2010 and 2012, “311 Day” was held in Las Vegas, with the latter being the first two-day festival during which the band ripped through 79 songs at MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Fact: For marketing purposes, 311 has been affiliated with a brewing company and a NASCAR team. They also designed their own cannabis vapor pen.

Fact: 311 returns to Vegas in support of Mosaic, which dropped in June.

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