“Barbie Girl” is the best song of the ‘90s. Arguably. But even if you don’t believe that, one lyric is undeniably true: “Life is your creation.” Every day we repress our feelings and emotions in an attempt to look normal. But life is not normal; it’s arbitrary, outrageous and completely unfair. It’s ultimately up to us to make the rules, and that’s exactly what happens at the Miss Behave Gameshow.

The lovable, golden Miss Behave, along with her glamorous male assistant, Tiffany, leads the audience on a demented, laugh-out-loud journey where nothing means anything and all are encouraged to “dance on the debris of humanity.” Two sides (iPhones vs. everyone else) battle for points in a series of games that range from silly to absurd, including “dial my number the fastest,” “shout the loudest” and the “laid lottery,” which will reveal more than you wish to know about your peers in the audience. But the outcomes of these games are meaningless, for points can be given and taken away by simply asking, as long as the request is reasonable. Wedged between games are a series of sideshow acts, sing-alongs and impromptu dance parties, all of which represent the primal nature of humanity and offer the chance to let your true self come alive.

Bally’s, 8 p.m. Wed.-Sun., $49 plus tax and fee, 21+. 702.777.2782