Indie rockers Young the Giant and Cold War Kids both formed in Southern California in 2004, although the two bands have taken different paths to success. Young the Giant spent several years with members coming and going before starting to build buzz in 2010 with appearances at festivals like South by Southwest and early radio and TV exposure for singles “Texas Tea” and “Cough Syrup.” Cold War Kids got started more quickly, releasing debut album Robbers & Cowards in 2006, to immediate critical acclaim.

And both bands rode the wave of indie-rock popularity in the past decade, with success on radio and TV and online. Young the Giant singles “My Body,” “Cough Syrup” and “It’s About Time” all made the top 10 of Billboard’s alternative chart, as did Cold War Kids’ “First” and “Love Is Mystical.” Young the Giant’s most recent album is 2016’s Home of the Strange, which Entertainment Weekly called “their richest and most varied project to date.” Cold War Kids released L.A. Divine in April, dubbed “the band at its stomping best” by All Music. Despite their different paths, the two bands have both made it into the indie-rock elite.

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