In the music video for The Killers song “The Man,” Brandon Flowers tries on a variety of personas while traveling the Las Vegas landscape: lounge singer backed by dancers, stunt rider in a jumpsuit of gold, high roller partying with beautiful women. Among those beautiful women lounging in a lavish Caesars Palace suite is Alexandria Finley, a model and Instagram personality based in Las Vegas.

Today, Finley’s work involves donning gorgeous clothes for photo shoots and appearing in music videos for one of Vegas’ biggest rock bands, but the California native never set out to be a model. It just sort of happened by mistake.

“When I was younger, I was always an artist. I always loved drawing. That’s basically what I did in all my spare time,” says Finley. But when a friend shot some photos of her, they turned out so well, that soon offers came pouring in. Posing in front of the camera went from favor to career.

“Modeling isn’t too far,” Finley says of her artistic instincts. “It’s still very creative in a lot of ways. You get to come together with a lot of creative people to bring a vision to life.” Usually that vision belongs to the brand behind the shoot, the photographer or art director, but on Instagram Finley gets to share her own perspective through portraits atop a laundromat washing machine or shots of the model sitting on a payphone in killer red heels.

“It’s curated,” she says. “I do like being able to play with color and saturation. I do have that creative freedom.”

Many of the images feature midcentury-modern architecture from Downtown Vegas, where, Finley says, “There are hidden gems everywhere.” But in her Instagram stories, you’ll find something different: slices of the model’s daily life, like blending up “weird smoothies” and making noodles out of sweet potatoes.

“Yesterday, I literally baked five pies,” Finley laughs. “People ask for recipes.”

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