Shanda Rogers lives in a closet. Ask the 33-year-old model and fashion blogger about the perils of her work, and that’s what she’ll tell you. Shopping for free becomes an addiction, and all those platform boots, embellished jeans and fabulous coats have to go somewhere. “The whole house in Vegas is a closet,” Rogers says. “I live in a closet with a bed and a kitchen. It’s consuming me.”

And it’s not just the clothes. For Rogers, being a fashion blogger and Instagram influencer with more than 660,000 followers doesn’t just mean strutting around attractive locations wearing stylish outfits. Behind every photo on her feed are hours of work, from coordinating collaborations with labels like Rebecca Minkoff and Revolve to picking out items that match her “Jekyll and Hyde” taste, altering pieces so they fit perfectly, assembling outfits and scouting locations. Rogers also arranges each photograph, setting up the shot so it meets her standards and editing the images before they go live.

“I have my own vision,” she says, and she’s willing to work to make it a reality. That vision extends beyond Rogers’ fashion work. The Arkansas native dabbles in a wide variety of artistic pursuits, from painting and music to interior design. “I’m a jack of all trades,” she says. “I have to be creative. Any way I can express myself, I’m down.”

When it comes to clothes, that self-expression leans toward denim, statement jackets and bold accessories. When she was younger, Rogers was into a punk rock look, but as she’s gotten older, the petite blonde says she’s grown interested in texture and quality, modern pieces that are sexy and sophisticated without veering into trashy.

As her audience and influence grows, Rogers hopes she can remind young followers that covering up can be just as alluring as showing skin. Sometimes a classy ensemble can be the sexiest look of all.

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