We all make them. But, do we keep them? New Year’s resolutions have become somewhat of a tradition. Once that clock hits midnight on New Year’s Eve, it’s a chance to start over and look toward a new year, a new you. So while you think of what might be your own New Year’s resolution, take a look at what some of the stars of Las Vegas are pledging for 2018.

“This year’s resolution will be different from anything that I’ve ever done before. It’s going to be a ‘me’ year. Most people think that when you’re a celebrity that every year is about them. That’s simply not true. It becomes all about doing whatever you have to do to make the show go on. This year I want to take a break from my grueling schedule and focus on ‘me’ with some outside projects like my partner’s 45th birthday, my 55th birthday, our 25th anniversary, and possibly a wedding at my favorite place, Disney World. Oops, did I already break the resolution, as it seems like I just loaded up my schedule in 2018.” –Frank Marino, Frank Marino’s Divas Las Vegas at The Linq Hotel

“This New Year’s resolution may seem a little out of place, given it’s coming from a Chippendales dancer, but this year I really want to get my diet on point and take things to the next level both in the gym and in the kitchen! In fact, I want to achieve my nutritional goals .... drum roll ... wait for it … completely vegan! I’ve been a recovering meat eater for many months now and am ready to make the final step and go entirely vegan! Not only is it better for your body, it also saves the environment in a very big way. Fifty-one percent of all greenhouses gases come from the four-legged food we eat. So I figure what better way to save your six pack and save the environment at the same time? P.S.: Feel free to send me any delicious vegan recipes. Best of luck to everyone in reaching their goals for 2018!” –James Davis, Chippendales The Show at Rio

Silvia Silvia

Silvia Silvia

“My New Year’s resolutions are to be more thankful for all the blessings I have; to be more attentive to listening rather than talking; to love all those I see every day; to see how I can help those around me more; to smile more to strangers; to bring happiness where there is sadness; and to be a witness of God for all.” –Silvia Silvia, WOW at Rio

“To dedicate more time to animal rescue. There are wonderful organizations that do so much for dogs, cats, small animals, and more, to provide them with medical and emotional care while they find a forever home. I always try to learn a new theatrical skill every year to add more elements to myself as a performer. To continue to write and create is always at the top of my list. And I definitely want to learn how to make some extravagant desserts this year!” –Anne Martinez, Satine in Baz—A Musical Mash-up at The Palazzo

“2018 will be my ‘Jesus Year.’ I resolve to create, explore, treat others with extreme kindness and drink lots and lots of wine.” –Ruby Lewis, Daisy in Baz—A Musical Mash-up at The Palazzo

“This holiday season has got me reflecting on personal habits and how to improve for the new year. To that end, my New Year’s resolutions are to exercise four times a week, make healthier choices when dining out, smoke fewer cigarettes, and drink only two units of alcohol per week. Once Tiffany has implemented these lifestyle changes I believe she’ll be so much the better for it. I have none for myself because I’m flawless—oops, I mean flaw-full. No, what I meant was falafel. Actually, I’ll have a burrito. Tiffany, pass me the tequila.” –Miss B in The Miss Behave Gameshow at Bally’s

“I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. My resolutions happen on a daily basis because I constantly fight my demons. I have bad habits like everybody else and I work at getting rid of them every day. I don’t wait until one special day. It is a continuous process. So I start every day with purpose, gratitude and the desire to spread more kindness. I make sure I commit to excellence, I am good to others, and continue to grow as a person. I remember to be grateful to all the people who are part of my life, and to keep working towards all my personal and professional goals while not taking life and myself too seriously.” –David Goldrake, David Goldrake: Imaginarium at Tropicana

“I resolve to make only one resolution this year so I know I can keep it. And, that resolution is to only make one New Year’s resolution. Oh, you don’t like that one? OK fine, I’ll make a real resolution: I resolve to learn to keep my mouth shut onstage.” –Terry Fator at The Mirage

“I don’t do resolutions. Instead, I gather with my family and friends and we write a ‘wish list’ of 10 genuine ‘wants’ for ourselves and our families in the new year. As a group, we place the wishes in the fire as we pray and send positivity into the universe that these wishes will come true.” –Matt Goss at The Mirage

“My New Year’s resolution this year is to take time to breathe! Live in the moment. No regrets. Love yourself. Spend quality time with the people who are dear to me. Live, laugh, love. And, remember … don’t sweat the small stuff … it’s all small stuff.” –Jennifer Romas, creator of Sexxy at Westgate Las Vegas

“2017 has been the most incredible year for us. Launching our very own show on the Vegas Strip is beyond our wildest dreams. We’ve realized that Las Vegas is not only the world’s capital of live entertainment but also an incredible city with a huge heart. It’s been a tough end to the year for Vegas, but the strength the city has shown has inspired us hugely. Our New Year’s resolution is to keep rocking the Strip and to firmly cement our place here in Las Vegas. Here’s to another incredible year, and long live rock ’n’ roll!” –Tenors of Rock, Harrah’s

David Terry

David Terry

“Since Magic Mike Live opened I’ve loved every minute of it! But starting a new job in a new city, I think it’s really easy to get caught up in focusing so hard on work and forgetting about really taking care of yourself and maintaining a sound mind. For 2018, I really want to be proactive about taking all of the little trips and doing the activities that I’ve been thinking about doing since I moved to Las Vegas. We keep hustling and focusing on our careers, but then we realize a whole year has gone by and we haven’t done any of the things we’ve wanted to experience for ourselves. Even if it’s just a hike out in Red Rock, I think a little change in perspective never hurts to activate that reset button on your way of life to help you have a solid, fulfilled year.” –David Terry, Magic Mike Live at Hard Rock Hotel

“In the new year, I resolve to reduce my intake of the barrage of daily political coverage and engage in healthier ‘extracurricular activities.’ In other words, less news, more screws!”Edie, Zumanity by Cirque du Soleil at New York-New York

“My New Year’s resolution is to be a kinder person in all my interactions with friends and strangers. And to be much healthier, limiting myself to only one dozen donuts for breakfast and no more than seven extra-large cheese pizzas per week.” –Dirk Arthur, Dirk Arthur: Wild Magic at Westgate Las Vegas

“My New Year’s resolution for this year is to get my music and music videos finished and released. Other than that reaching 10 percent body fat and staying there (currently at 14.5 percent).” –Jason Tenner, Prince in Purple Reign: The Prince Tribute Show at Tropicana