Every breath they take / every move they make / every bond(age) they break / every step they take / we’ll be watching them. Oh, and all the games they play. Although The Police weren’t singing about Cirque du Soleil’s sexually charged show Zumanity, the interpreted lyrics spell out the arresting theatrical experience that awaits. Not for the bashful or those that easily blush, not for the prude or puritan, oh no, this show is an evening of carnal delights.

Combining elements of burlesque and vaudeville, the voyeuristic journey is guided by all things sex with a cast of dancers, acrobats and aerialists, all displaying the classic talents that Cirque du Soleil is famous for.

Zumanity also features two amazing singers, a live band and Edie, Mistress of Sensuality, your hostess for the erotic escapades.

Every vignette marries talents with tease: A schoolgirl in a short skirt twirls an unbelievable number of hula hoops; two naked female acrobats splash about in a huge water bowl as they intertwine into impossible positions; two men battle with their martial arts skills while seemingly displaying affection for one another; and a woman in bondage combines her aerialist talents with her predilection for pleasure and pain.

But along with the physical comes the comedic, too, by way of swinging couple Dick and Izzy. Nothing, and we mean nothing, is off limits with these two, be it subject or showing off to the audience. And be forewarned, they love the audience, so much so they might pull a few people onstage to play with.

Zumanity is filled with more pleasantly perverted moments—and it’s all a sexually splendid ride of theatrical delights. So just submit and surrender your inhibitions the moment you step through the theater doors. Because, as Edie proclaims, “you can’t keep love locked in the bedroom tonight.”

New York-New York, 7 & 9:30 p.m. Fri.-Tues., 7 p.m. show only Jan. 8-9, $69-$105 plus tax and fee, $125 plus tax and fee for duo sofas (sold in pairs only), 18+. 702.740.6815