When it comes to Argentinian rock ’n’ roll bands, they don’t get much bigger than Los Enanitos Verdes. The band, whose name roughly translates to “Little Green Men,” has shown the true power of rock music, in that great rock music can come from anywhere and reach a mass audience.

The founding threesome of Marciano Cantero, Felipe Staiti and Daniel Piccolo started the group in the late ’70s and began touring in 1984, first through the Cuyo region of Argentina, an area known for its winemaking and not its riotous rock attitude. Eventually they made it to Buenos Aires, and the rest, as they say, is music history. Their first hit was “Aún Sigo Cantando” (“I’m Still Singing”) off their titular album.

From there, many more hits followed. “Guitarras Blancas” (“White Guitars”) is an upbeat jammer that sounds like Joe Jackson could have produced it. “Amores Lejanos” (“Far Away Lovers”) from the album with the same name is right in the wheelhouse of Los Lonely Boys.

Cantero sings and plays bass and keyboards. Staiti slings the guitar. Jota Morelli pounds the drums—he took over for Piccolo in 2009. Juan Pablo Staiti rounds out the contemporary lineup contributing backing vocals and more guitar. Currently on a tour that sees multiple stops in California and one here in Las Vegas, the little band that could from Mendoza, Argentina, shows no signs of slowing down. Now that’s rock ’n’ roll.

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