Thanks to Fantasy, the long-running female revue at Luxor, change has never looked so good. In the newest incarnation of the show, you’ll find some of the most popular numbers from the past, and hot modern ones, too. Plus, the production recently celebrated its 18th anniversary with a sexy calendar where the women pose in Hollywood-inspired black-and-white pin-up photographs.

The glamorous show features a rotating cast of eight dancers, with star singer and host Lorena Peril belting out songs like “Tush” and “Roxanne,” while “Can’t Stop the Feeling” works as an aural backdrop for the women’s sexy gyrations. But these ladies do more than gyrate—the choreography for all the dance numbers is top-notch. “Me Too,” “Lady Marmalade,” “Caliente Fantasy” and “You’re My Fantasy” all get the sexy treatment, with acts including three girls frolicking on a bed and six dancers playing a seductive peek-a-boo with the stage curtains. Although Fantasy’s dancers are all decked out in tiny cowgirl-inspired outfits for the number “Bang Bang,” that’s about all the country here. Not only does the dancing get pretty heated, but when the ladies’ tops come off, you may feel a bit heated, too!

To cool you off a bit, Sean E. Cooper provides a James Brown impersonation that will have you giggling, an aerialist wraps herself up in an act that will blow you away and, as Peril performs “Natural Woman,” a dancer plays up and down the lengths of several poles, amazing you with her fitness level.

Luxor, 10:30 p.m. daily, $39-$59 plus tax and fee, 18+. 702.262.4400