In 2006, Terri Russell crossed off a bucket list item when she completed the Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon in San Diego. It was 26.2 miles that she thought she’d never run again, but after crossing that finish line, Russell was hooked.

“You kind of get addicted when you finish it and you survive that,” says the 49-year-old, who works in the Henderson prosecutors office. In the 11 years since then, Russell has completed two more marathons, 24 half marathons and 13 triathlons. At 45, she was ready for a new challenge: a figure competition.

Sculpting her body into a map of muscle and strength meant eating clean and utter dedication. No days off. No cheat meals. No dessert.

“That was four months of hell,” says Russell, who took home two trophies. Total abstinence from culinary temptation was doubly difficult because Russell is also a foodie. She captures her adventures and their caloric rewards on Instagram @savorsincity, where shots of elote fries and cucumber mojitos are interspersed with scenes from a waterfall hike in Kanarraville, Utah, and the railroad tunnels at Lake Mead.

“What I try to do is show people Las Vegas in a way that maybe not a lot of people know about,” she says. “I’m not out there trying to pimp my account so I can get as many followers as I can. I very much appreciate the people who stay with me.”

Though Russell says she loses followers every time she posts a trek through the woods instead of a swirled ice cream cone, she’s willing to make that sacrifice to stay true to her story.

“I try to make it a reflection of who I am. … I don’t want people to think we eat all this food and there’s no price to pay for it,” she says. “The struggle is real.”

For Russell, savoring Sin City isn’t just about decadent meals on the town; it’s about getting out of town to revel in the natural wonders, too.

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