In the MTV-era ‘90s, there were few performers who changed the format of comedy quite like Tom Green, a Canadian-born prankster who practically created the reality television format we enjoy today with The Tom Green Show. His then-revolutionary videos, in which he delighted in pushing the boundaries of good taste—and his subjects’ patience—were the logical lead-in to the Jackass era (and yes, in the YouTube era, Green’s videos now look absolutely tame).

Green has also enjoyed success as a stand-up comedian, and he’s bringing his stand-up to the Back Room at Bally’s. In addition to Green’s singular brand of comedy (awkward but hilarious pauses and gags that start small and slowly build up a head of steam until Green explodes in a rage-filled rant), his Las Vegas show offers a reason to go every night: He has literally thousands of videos at his disposal, and he’ll show different ones every performance. But even if you’ve never seen Green’s TV show, be prepared to laugh—a lot.

Bally’s, 8 & 11:59 p.m. Sun., 10 p.m. Mon.-Wed., $39-$79, $99 meet and greet plus tax and fee. 21+. 702.777.2782