There are still many unanswered questions regarding the senseless attack on an outdoor Las Vegas concert on Oct. 1 that took 59 lives and injured more than 500. And as our city begins a long healing process, I wanted to take a moment to thank all the tourists who are visiting Las Vegas this week. We sincerely appreciate you being here, now more than ever.

Few things have rocked Las Vegas harder than the tragic events of Oct. 1. Just as you watched in horror as events unfolded, so did everyone in Las Vegas, some of whom had friends or loved ones at the concert. While Las Vegas is seen by the world as an adult playground, it is also a city like any other, filled with churches, schools, hospitals and a genuine sense of community.

Never has that sense of community been stronger than in the days after Oct. 1. Donations of food and water have been almost nonstop; some centers are filled to capacity. Blood donors have been so plentiful that many were asked to schedule appointments weeks out. And a crowdfunding campaign for the victims’ families had more than 60,000 donors within a 48-hour period. (If you were one of the kind souls who donated, we are eternally grateful.) We were shattered by the actions of a lone gunman, yes, but if generosity and compassion are any indication, Las Vegas is already well on the way to recovery.

Just by being here this week, you are a huge part of that recovery. As editor of Las Vegas Magazine, my job, and the job of my amazing staff, is to make sure everyone picking up this magazine feels completely informed as to all the wonderful things to eat, see and experience on the Las Vegas Strip. And let me assure everyone: Nothing on the Strip has changed in that regard. We are still the Entertainment Capital of the World, featuring the biggest and brightest stars in comedy, music, food, nightlife and much more. Furthermore, several of the shows and restaurants are hard at work on assistance campaigns of their own. Just by attending a show or eating at a restaurant, you are doing your part to help victims’ families.

So yes, please continue your prayers for Las Vegas, but in the meantime, enjoy what we offer to the fullest extent. We exist for a reason, and you came here for a reason. Let’s get through this the best way possible: Together.