From a certain angle, Australian alternative rock band The Church might look like a typical 1980s one-hit wonder: The band is best known by mainstream American audiences for 1988 hit “Under the Milky Way,” which has appeared in dozens of commercials, movies and TV shows, and has been covered by artists ranging from Rick Springfield to The Killers. There’s a good chance that when audiences in the U.S. see The Church live, whether as headliners or touring with other ’80s favorites like The Psychedelic Furs or The Fixx, that they’re clamoring to hear “Under the Milky Way.”

But in the band’s native Australia, The Church is a beloved institution, with other hits including “Almost With You” and “Metropolis,” and an induction into the prestigious ARIA Hall of Fame. Frontman Steve Kilbey has kept the band going since 1980, maintaining a devoted cult following and continuing to record new material, ranging from straightforward rock to experimental compositions. The band’s latest album is 2014’s Further/Deeper, its first featuring new guitarist Ian Haug, and another is in the works for later this year. Live, the band continues to explore new sounds—but they’ll play “Under the Milky Way,” too.

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