For those out there who complain that real hip-hop is gone, look no further than Run the Jewels. The duo, featuring the physically and lyrically imposing Atlanta-bred rapper Killer Mike and the multifaceted Brooklyn based rapper/producer El-P, came together thanks to an executive at Cartoon Network. While both were doing just fine on their own, the music they create together seems like it was meant to be.

The beats behind the words are often high-energy head bangers that have both polish and grit to them. Meanwhile, the smooth delivery of Killer Mike and the more raw-sounding flow of El-P seem to mesh together seamlessly. Three albums in—with all the covers featuring their signature hand gestures of a fist and a gun facing each other—RTJ has yet to produce anything less than stellar.

But as hard as these dudes sound, their sense of humor is also often on display. They have contributed a single to each of the Adult Swim Singles Program since 2013. And then there’s Meow The Jewels, a crowdfunded effort where fans raised enough money for the duo to rerelease their second album, Run The Jewels 2, with all the instrumental backing tracks replaced by cat sounds.

Now that’s real hip-hop.

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