Wait long enough, and pretty much any musical trend comes back around again. As maligned as some of the rap-rock bands of the late-’90s may have been, their music was formative for a lot of young people at the time, and many of the genre’s top artists have proved surprisingly durable and versatile. So it’s not really unexpected that elements of rap-rock have come back into fashion among hard rock and heavy metal acts, perhaps most notably and successfully with Hollywood Undead.

Formed in 2005 just as rap-rock’s popularity was cooling off, the L.A.-based Undead first hit rock radio with 2008 hit single “Undead,” which repurposes the indelible riff from Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train.” The band’s mix of heavy metal guitars, synthesizers, hip-hop beats, rapped and melodic vocals has fueled rock radio hits like “Hear Me Now,” “We Are” and “Day of the Dead.” This week marks the release of the band’s fifth album, appropriately titled V, led by advance singles “California Dreaming,” “Whatever It Takes” and “Renegade.” These new-school rap-rockers have lasted longer than the original rap-rock movement, and proved that the music endures for those who love it.

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