Reunions can often be troublesome when it comes to famous bands. Performances that feel like money grabs and a lack of passion, not to mention new members joining the outfits, are often pitfalls that trap reunited groups. Not so with Restless Heart.

The Nashville five-piece band, whose music crossed genres from country pop to soft rock, had its most successful years from 1984-’92. The next decade was spent fiddling around with new lineups and a breakup, but their 2002 reunion with the full classic lineup has proven fruitful. Adult contemporary hits “I’ll Still Be Loving You” and “When She Cries” sound as good now as when they were released.

Shenandoah’s biggest years coincided with those of Restless Heart. These country boys from Muscle Shoals, Ala., toyed with their own lineup changes both before and after their 1997 disbanding. Things steadied themselves when lead singer Marty Raybon returned to the lineup in 2014. Those vocals are so important to classic country songs “Sunday in The South” and “Two Dozen Roses.”

With all their intersections, it’s only appropriate these bands, two of the biggest in country music—with their successful reunions—play together.

Tropicana, 9 p.m. Oct. 28, starting at $29.95 plus tax and fee. 800.829.9034