The outlandish and imaginative Absinthe has some big reasons to celebrate these days. The adults-only, circus-themed variety show created by Spiegelworld took up residency in the big white tent in front of Caesars Palace seven years ago. In that span, Absinthe has evolved from an upstart, buzzed-about entertainment experiment to one of the Strip’s must-see productions, an amalgamation of comedy, dance, acrobatics, burlesque and other awe-inspiring acts that defy common description.

Absinthe has become so popular that its producers and host resort have come together to pioneer an aggressive expansion: Beginning in mid-May, the show shifts to an always-open schedule of two shows per night, seven days a week, 365 days a year. “The secret is the show can be seen time and time again, as it is continually evolving with new and fascinating acts,” said Gary Selesner, regional president of Caesars Palace. “In addition, the compelling show captures and provides the perfect escape from our daily lives. We are excited to welcome even more guests to the Spiegeltent and look forward to many more years together.”

Indeed, the returning guest has been the rock-solid foundation for the show’s development as Absinthe also has accomplished the rare feat of attracting Las Vegas locals to come down to the Strip again and again. How does that happen? The production stays fresh and fast by incorporating new acts and undiscovered talent into its revolving repertoire, something that will only expand with the increasing showtimes. That formula assures Absinthe will keep getting better as it gets bigger.

The irreverent host, The Gazillionaire, seems to get more raunchy and rowdy with every 90-minute run, guiding the audience through an array of sexy, stylish acts while his assistant, Wanda Widdles, sometimes steals the spotlight with an even more offensive sense of humor. Other acclaimed performers that get the show rolling are Maxim, who builds a tower of ready-to-topple chairs, and the Green Fairy, a seductive singer who heats up the Spiegeltent with a single smile.

All are astounded by dangerously fast brother-sister duo Billy and Emily England, who appeared last year on America’s Got Talent, a favorite Absinthe act since the British siblings joined the show in 2015. Their edgy performance—certainly the most risqué and stressful activity ever to happen on roller skates—creates an exciting tension in the audience, but it breaks as soon as another family act hits the stage, equally talented twin tap dancers Sean and John Scott. Aerial expert David O’mer spins traditional burlesque performance in an entirely new direction with his bathtub-based performance while the Silicon Valley Girls—one of the newest Absinthe acts—incorporate elements of dance, contortion and gymnastics while showcasing incredible strength and balance.

With such a deep roster of diverse talent, Absinthe is almost an entirely different show every time you see it. Audience interaction only adds to that unpredictable and spontaneous feeling, always increasing the show’s reputation as one of the wildest experiences to be found in Las Vegas. Still crazy after seven years, Absinthe is ready to amp itself up all over again.

Can you spot the birthday suit?

For Absinthe’s seventh anniversary, we re-created The Gazillionaire’s famous costume while he went au naturel. Our thanks to Skin City Body Painting for covering all the right parts.