Comic Bill Burr says he isn’t trying to change anybody’s minds about what to think or how to act; he’s just “a comic who isn’t that deep and spends lots of time talking about myself during my act.”

Burr made his remark during a recent phone interview with Las Vegas Magazine. “Come down and have a good time,” he suggests when asked what to expect. “I make people laugh and then I get out of their way.” But the mild-mannered guy who says he loves to relax by watching old reruns of the classic ’60s hit TV show 77 Sunset Strip is a far cry from the stand-up performer who never hesitates to mock organized groups such as feminists, political organizations … you name it.

Burr delivers a solid dose of four-letter words in his routine, but explains, “It’s not for the shock value.” Instead, he prefers having some thought behind it. “Otherwise it is boring.”

Commenting on the current atmosphere created by the #MeToo movement, Burr says, “It is an uncomfortable time now for a guy.” He definitely supports women, but half-jokes that he is considering “hiring a professional witness” whenever he is in the company of women because there are so many people around who may accuse anyone of anything.

One thing seems certain: No one will ever accuse Burr of being boring.

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