Perhaps no quote sums up the bombastic swagger of Tenacious D more than this lyric from “Master Exploder.” After a scorching guitar solo from KG (Kyle Gass) and some vocal gymnastics from JB, the singer also known as Jack Black puts this hammer down: “I did not mean to blow your mind / But that sh*t happens to me all the time.”

The comedic heavy metal duo is so damn good, they can explode minds just by being. Of course, this is the twosome that once had to “play the best song in the world” or a demon would eat their souls. As the legend goes on “Tribute,” they played “the first thing that came to our heads / Just so happened to be / The best song in the world.” The twist of that song is that the retelling of the tale is not “the greatest song in the world” but as the title states, just a tribute.

Many of the tandem’s songs have a twist. “Wonderboy” isn’t just a legend of the titular character’s battles against “Young Nastyman,” but it’s an origin story, as JB turns out to be Wonderboy and KG, Young Nastyman.

There’s no better way to rock in the new year than with the comical rockers and the in-depth world of Tenacious D.

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