Is Poppy a real person or a fictional character? Singer, songwriter and YouTube star Moriah Pereira has been blurring those lines for several years now in her online and now onstage persona of Poppy, who’s developed from appearing in avant-garde viral videos to touring the country as a full-fledged concert act. Teamed up with producer/director Titanic Sinclair, Poppy has starred in a series of bizarre, sometimes nonsensical YouTube videos that function as commentary on the conventions of online videos, often taking them to absurd extremes (a 10-minute video of her saying “I’m Poppy” over and over again in slightly different tones of voices has nearly 14 million views).

She’s also blossomed into a bona fide pop star, releasing her debut studio album Poppy.Computer this past October, featuring the singles “I’m Poppy,” “Let’s Make a Video” and “Interweb.” Poppy’s live shows incorporate elements of her online videos, including appearances from Titanic Sinclair and Poppy’s “nemesis” Charlotte the Mannequin. Poppy’s career (which has also expanded to include a more traditional TV-style show on YouTube Red) is as much about performance art as it is about music; it’s a multimedia experience that’s now adding a whole new dimension. Experience it for yourself.

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