Editor's Note: This performance has been canceled.

In 2016, just one day after performing his final show as the frontman for Panda, one of the biggest rock bands in Mexico, singer-songwriter José Madero launched his solo career with the release of his first single, “Lunes 28.” Panda, which debuted in 2000 and was part of a movement of rock bands from the Mexican city of Monterrey, drew comparisons to American hard rock bands like My Chemical Romance and Green Day, but Madero’s solo music leans more toward pop, and has helped him build a growing international fan base. In just two years, he’s put out three solo albums, including Alba, which was released this past March. Madero has described Alba as “an experimental album,” with an overarching concept exploring the theme of nostalgia. Although Madero doesn’t plan to release any singles from the album, he’s called it “a gift” to his fans. He has plenty of previous hit singles to rely on in concert, including “Plural Siendo Singular,” “Sinmigo,” “Literatura Rusa” and “Noche de Brujas.” The author of two books already, Madero is consistently pushing himself into new realms of expression, and although he left behind one successful act, he’s hitting new heights with his solo career.