What the hell, Tom Green? What’s that you’re saying? What’s that we see onscreen?

In Green’s latest endeavor, where he performs stand-up at Harrah’s Sunday and Monday in The Comedy Lineup show (John Caparulo performs the other nights), videos of his career in shock comedy intertwine with remembrances of those stunts he and his cohorts pulled off. His career is chock-full of those tricks, which he started as the host of a public access show that led to an MTV show and movies, including the critically panned, yet incredibly fascinating, Freddy Got Fingered.

In the show, he offers up observations on such things as the folly of smartphones and what life was like when there were only landlines. He touches on his battle with testicular cancer (he had an MTV special and wrote a book about the subject) and manages jokes about that, too. Green may not be the original prankster, but he certainly has cemented his place in the pantheon of historical jokers.

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