Some musical artists turn to reality TV after their careers have cooled off a bit, finding a new avenue to reach audiences who may not be checking out their latest music. But for R&B singer K. Michelle, reality TV has taken her in the opposite direction, kickstarting a nascent music career. Thanks to her appearances on the Atlanta and New York editions of the popular VH1 reality series Love & Hip Hop, Michelle went from a struggling artist with a few low-charting singles to an internationally successful pop star, collaborating with the likes of Jason Derulo and Chris Brown.

She’s subsequently starred in three seasons of her own VH1 reality show (K. Michelle: My Life), but she’s increasingly focused on her music, including recent fourth album Kimberly: The People I Used to Know. As the title implies, there’s a bit of personal drama informing the album’s lyrics. But Michelle is all about speaking her mind, whether on TV or in her songs, not being afraid to call out people who treat her wrong. “People want to box me in so bad—they want me to be one thing,” she told Billboard before the album’s release. “I’m learning that my complexities make me.”

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