Ghost is not just a band. It’s a full-on performance art project, whose various members' identities are kept secret (at least officially). As far as credits are concerned, the Swedish hard rock band is fronted by Cardinal Copia, the fourth such frontman the band has had since its 2010 debut. Copia is backed by hooded and masked musicians known only as Nameless Ghouls, identified primarily by their individual symbols. In reality, the various personas that have fronted the band all belong to mastermind Tobias Forge, who founded Ghost as a combination of influences including ’70s glam rockers like Kiss and David Bowie and the black metal scene from the band’s native Scandinavia.

Ghost creates catchy, energetic songs with strong arena-rock elements, and regardless of the band’s distinctive visual style, singles like “Secular Haze,” “Cirice” and “Square Hammer” have received extensive airplay on rock radio and won major awards. The band’s latest single, “Rats,” from recent studio album Prequelle, hit the top of the Billboard mainstream rock charts. In concert, Ghost combines a massive hard rock sound with a theatrical stage show, creating an awe-inspiring experience.

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