The Comedy Get Down is an idea that makes so much sense it is a wonder that it hasn’t been thought of before. Mixing live performances, television, scripted scenes and real stories, it’s a mixed media project that takes the best elements from each genre and combines them for one hell of an entertaining time.

When the tour comes to the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas on Nov. 23, audience members should expect not only a laugh-packed live show but also the potential to end up on the sitcom based on the tour, which airs on BET.

This is an engine that keeps feeding itself. Famous comedians, each of whom have more than 20 years in the comedy game, tour together, rip through city after city, crush the live shows, make mental notes of what happened before, during and after each gig, and then use that as inspiration for the based-on-reality television project.

These are stand-up comics, each of whom could—and have—headlined tours based on name value. Cedric The Entertainer is a versatile performer from St. Louis who brings his everyman style to the stage along with his riffs on music, which showcase his own vocal prowess. Eddie Griffin is the talented maverick entertainer who is known for using his own personal strife to create humor. D.L. Hughley is the logical lefty, a father figure who questions the stupidity of people and politicians. And George Lopez is the energetic Angeleno who brings his Southern California panache and Mexican heritage to each of his performances.

Every member of this group has starred in multiple television shows and films. Together they form a unit even greater than the individual members. This is definitely some comedy worth getting down with.

Mandalay Bay, 8 p.m. Nov. 23, starting at $39.50 plus tax and fee. 800.745.3000 Ticketmaster