Although she’s often billed as the “Latin Madonna,” international pop star Marisela is far more than just the Mexican version of an American musical icon. With a career that spans more than three decades, Marisela (who was born in California but achieved fame in Mexico) is one of the biggest names in Latin music, and a longtime collaborator of fellow Latin music superstar Marco Antonio Solis, who’s written many of Marisela’s songs since her 1984 debut album. Her hits include “Completamente Tuya,” “Sin El,” “Mi Problema” and “Ya No,” a Spanish-language version of Barbara George’s oft-covered 1961 single “I Know (You Don’t Love Me No More),” which hit the top of the Billboard Latin singles chart in 1988.

In concert, Marisela has decades of songs to draw from and a dedicated fan base to perform for, in Latin America, in the U.S. and around the world. As Latin music has expanded its popularity globally and into the English-speaking world in recent years, stars like Marisela have become more popular than ever, reaching larger audiences than many of the biggest names in American pop. There’s no need for Marisela to be the Latin Madonna, when she’s already the one and only Marisela.

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