The freewheeling fun of Excalibur hotel & casino is epitomized at Tournament of Kings, where knights battle with swords and joust on horseback while the excited audience cheers along while feasting on food sans silverware. The unique production stands strong as one of the longest-running shows on the Las Vegas Strip.

“Fads come in and go out, but one thing that stays consistent is people’s attraction to the medieval era, to knights and the ideas of chivalry and swordplay,” says director Phil Shelburne. “The food, the audience participation and the entertainment value of what’s taking place on that stage is a pretty good triple threat, and it has helped keep the show vital. There’s nothing more fun that sitting behind a group of kids and watching them wail on the table and yell and put on the Viking hat and wave a chicken leg in the air.”

And that’s another element that makes Tournament of Kings so special in today’s entertainment landscape—it’s a family-friendly crowd-pleaser every time.

Excalibur, 6 p.m. Mon. & Fri., 6 & 8:30 p.m. Wed.-Thurs. & Sat.-Sun., $75.36 dinner and show. 702.597.7600