It doesn’t get much more primal than a song called “Click Click Boom.” That’s the instantly recognizable title of one of the biggest hits from Memphis rockers Saliva, still a favorite of sports teams and MMA fighters as a way to pump up fans and intimidate opponents. Saliva released its major-label debut album Every Six Seconds (featuring “Click Click Boom” as well as fellow radio hit “Your Disease”) in 2001 at the height of the nu-metal wave, and the band combines the aggression of nu-metal with anthemic arena-rock ambitions.

Further hits including “Always,” “Rest in Pieces,” “Survival of the Sickest,” “Badass” and “Ladies and Gentlemen” fulfilled those ambitions, frequently showing up at sporting events, in video games and on the soundtracks to action movies. Saliva’s hard-charging music has proved a perfect fit for professional wrestling, and the WWE has used numerous Saliva songs as themes for wrestling shows. Guitarist Wayne Swinny has been anchoring the band since the beginning, and he continues the Saliva legacy of intense, in-your-face music, along with the rest of the current lineup. The band’s 10th album, titled 10 Lives, is set for release in October. That primal energy remains fierce and strong.

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