Celestia combines the familiar with the exotic, stacking layers of athleticism and artistry to create a fun and fast-moving take on the traditional circus-style production. There’s a whole lot of talent and creativity in this 70-minute marvel and it all fits inside a unique venue, a 30,000-square-foot theatrical tent just outside The Strat, an iconic destination undergoing an extensive update and renovation. The show is a bright and shiny part of that reimagining.

Celestia plays like a greatest-hits collection of familiar circus acts—hand-balancing, contortion, aerialists and even the Wheel of Death—with no breaks in the action and a decidedly family-friendly tone. That’s the familiar side, and with tickets starting at $29, this provides an affordable alternative to most of the Strip’s major production shows.

New twists come in the form of technological enhancements and superstar talent. Standout original music and atmosphere-building video projections on the walls of the tent turn Celestia into an immersive experience and push a whimsical, subtle storyline. Several standout acts have appeared on the popular TV competition America’s Got Talent, including father-daughter balancing duo Sergey and Sasha and the acrobatic Sandou Trio Russian Bar. The title character, “a girl made of stars,” and two playful clowns serve as guides through an enchanting and occasionally romantic world full of colorful characters who fly through the air, flip across the stage and sometimes work their way into the audience. Proximity is an advantage for this show, especially when the crew rolls out its house-made Wheel of Death and its two fearless inhabitants hover above the audience.

Celestia is effortlessly entertaining, a classic form that’s been taken apart and reassembled for today’s audience with splashes of style. It might just be the perfect all-ages show for summer in Las Vegas.

The Strat, 7 & 9 p.m. Sun. & Fri.-Sat., 7 p.m. Wed.-Thurs., $29-$89 plus tax and fee. 702.380.7777