Delicate Plates

With a mix of elements designed to evoke the feel of a 1930s Shanghai supper club, China Tang, the restaurant at MGM Grand, charms you. It starts with the art deco-style décor and the art on the wall, and continues to a singer regaling you each hour and a noodle-pulling show five nights a week. This is the first location in the U.S., and with others in London and Hong Kong, the owners have had plenty of practice with exemplary service and attention to detail.

Like many Chinese restaurants, the offerings are plentiful. You’ll find a cocktail menu that lives up to its Vegas environs. One of the specialties is the colorful Tiki Five Spice—rum, baijiu, lime and pineapple juices, orgeat syrup bitters, Chinese five-spice and a bit of lime—which is then lit on fire with the help of an overproof rum! There’s also an extensive wine list, and an expert to help you choose what to pair with what.

On the dim sum section of the menu are crab meat dumplings, which arrive delicately plated in a small steamer basket; nicely light vegetable spring rolls are enjoyed with sweet-and-sour and soy sauces. The barbecue pork appetizer comes tender and juicy, spiced with ginger, garlic and a signature sauce.

You may choose to indulge in a bit of soup—hot and sour soup will both warm you up and get you ready for entrées such as the wok-fried chicken tossed with dried red chilis and Sichuan peppercorns—these morsels are exceptionally tender and flavorful.

The showstopper at China Tang might be hard to pinpoint, but the Hammer Chicken actually comes out in a shell, and is covered in wine, lit and hammered open right there. The chicken itself is baked for approximately five hours.

Vegetarians can choose from dishes such as the braised tofu with mushrooms and bok choy and the sweet and sour vegetables, which are amazingly light. But whatever you decide, your palate will definitely be satisfied. –Nina King

MGM Grand 5-10 p.m. Sun.-Tues. & Fri.-Sat. (menu subject to change). 702.891.3110

Suds Up!

Beer’s not just for men. Can we get an amen? Pub 365 is a laid-back spot with 365 rotating craft beers to choose from, where beer drinking and good eating is the name of the game. Check out the Unicorn portion of the menu, where you’ll find rare beer selections. Sustenance includes highlights like tacos and deep-fried Oreos. –Kiko Miyasato

Tuscany Suites & Casino, opens 11:30 a.m. Mon.-Sat., 10 a.m. Sun. 702.944.5084

Bon Appetit!

In honor of Mon Abi Gabi’s 20th anniversary, the French Stripside restaurant is offering guests a cooking class on Aug. 24. You’ll learn how to make three French recipes from executive chef Vincent Pouessel during the 1 p.m. class and celebrate with glasses of French wine paired with each dish; and you’ll receive a complimentary recipe booklet so you can re-create the dishes at home. –Kiko Miyasato

Paris, $55 per person, reservations required. 702.944.2442

Raise a Glass

It’s always time for wine, but this time for wine—at Pronto by Giada—is in the late afternoon on Aug. 23. The complimentary wine-sampling event invites guests to try nearly 30 wines, including whites, reds, sparkling wines and rosés, along with discounted pricing on Pronto’s delicious dishes. After the event, guests are encouraged to hang out for a while and enjoy full pours of wine at discounted prices. –Kiko Miyasato

Caesars Palace, 4-6 p.m. Aug. 23, free, 21+. 702.731.7266