Ever since The Roots signed on as the house band for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon in 2009 (later joining Fallon when he moved to The Tonight Show), the acclaimed hip-hop group has had to cut way back on touring. For a group once named one of the greatest live acts in the world by Rolling Stone, that’s a big sacrifice, not only for the members of The Roots, but also for the audiences eager to see them perform live. From their earliest days, The Roots have been known for exciting, unpredictable live shows, combining the energy and passion of hip-hop with the musical chops and inventiveness of a veteran jam band.

Even with their Tonight Show duties taking up so much of their time, The Roots have continued recording and playing live as often as possible, and they have another album in the works for later this year. Still, getting to see a full Roots concert is an increasingly rare pleasure, and anyone who’s enjoyed The Roots’ versatility and playfulness on TV will be able to witness a whole new dimension from the band, as they mix original songs with carefully chosen covers. It’s an opportunity no one should pass up.

Hard Rock Hotel, 8:30 p.m. Feb. 22, starting at $47.50 plus tax and fee. 888.929.7849 AXS