Let’s face it: One of the reasons you come to Las Vegas is to feel special. After all, this is the city that perfected the VIP experience—if you can dream it, Vegas can make it happen. And now you can add Cirque du Soleil to the list of premier VIP experiences, as four of its shows are now offering an evening you will never forget.

Even if you’ve seen Cirque’s masterful “O” at Bellagio before, you’ll want to take advantage of the La Grande Expérience. Before the show even starts, you’re whisked away to a special VIP area where you can enjoy a guided video tour (including never-before-seen footage) and get your picture taken with “O” artists. Then the real fun begins, as you’ll see “O” from a private VIP suite, guaranteeing a rare vantage point while you enjoy gourmet bites and private cocktail service. The experience is available for pairs only at either of the nightly performances Wednesday to Sunday.

One of the most impressive aspects of at MGM Grand is its multidirectional stage that moves in a variety of ways. Now with The Imperial Experience, you can get a view of that stage like never before with a VIP lounge space 30 feet above the audience. Not only do you get to enjoy unobstructed views of all the action, you’ll receive a complimentary cocktail and popcorn (anything else your heart desires can be provided by your very own VIP host). In addition, there’s a lounge space behind the box seats featuring couch seating and a 55-inch screen broadcasting the show. When the performance is over, you’ll head straight to a artist meet-and-greet, complete with a commemorative photo. You can enjoy this experience at either of the show’s nightly performances Saturday to Wednesday.

It’s one thing to be transported away by the classic tunes of the Fab Four, but when you purchase the Toast to LOVE VIP Experience at The Beatles LOVE at The Mirage, you’ll be transported backstage before the shows begins for a tour of the inner workings of the show. After getting some insider scoop and a whole new appreciation of the production, you’ll get your photo taken with some of the show’s artists, after which you’ll be escorted to VIP seating, where you’ll be treated to a specialty cocktail. This special experience is available for the show’s 7 p.m. performances on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The best way to enjoy the 25th anniversary of Cirque’s original Vegas classic, Mystère, may be to take advantage of its In The Wings Experience. Your evening starts with special access to a view from the stage—you’ll get to see what previously only the performers had seen. Then you’re handed a glass of champagne and taken backstage to see the show’s artists putting the finishing touches on their makeup. Go ahead and ask them any question you like—they’re full of interesting show information. Then you’ll actually be able to don a show costume and get a photo with the cast and crew. Then sit back in VIP seats and enjoy the show, and, when it’s nearly over, you get to go backstage to the wings and partake in the show’s nightly ritual of high-fiving the cast. This package is available only at the 7 p.m. performance Saturday to Wednesday.

VIP experiences for “O,” The Beatles LOVE and: mgmresorts.com; VIP experience for Mystère: treasureisland.com.