The three mute members of Blue Man Group, dressed head to toe in black with faces and scalps covered in blue greasepaint, go onstage nearly every night with expressions of wide-eyed innocence as if they were just born and need a crash course in figuring out the world around them. They prove to be excellent percussionists, especially on their trademark PVC-pipe instrument The Forge. They discover they are skillful long-distance marshmallow throwers, and optimize the sonic potential of breakfast cereal.

The sight, sound, technology, comedy and art experience is presented with a soundtrack created live by florescent-painted musicians high above the stage. While the audio aspects of the show are crucial, it’s a visual feast as well. The blue greasepaint that covers the performers’ faces and bald domes is visually arresting enough when seen from a distance, but when they wade through the crowd and come close enough for audience members to get good looks at their eyes, they seem more like alien life forms than performance artists.

Ponchos are available for guests who choose seats within spraying, splattering or spitting distance of the stage. A lucky few will be coaxed from their seats and gently enticed into joining the fun, or gifted art spontaneously created with florescent paints and novel techniques. In the nearly 30 years since Blue Man Group began demonstrating the tonal qualities of piping, every participant has made it back to their seats.

Blue Man Group has grown into a handful of permanent and touring productions since first forming. The show has become a Vegas bucket-list institution, giving back to the community with an annual, more subdued benefit performance for the Grant a Gift Autism Foundation. For the rest of the year though, they deliver what is perhaps the most stimulating sensory experience on the Strip, without speaking a word of explanation.

Luxor, 7 & 9:30 p.m. daily, $59-$115.05, $175 VIP Behind the Blue package plus tax and fee. 702.262.4400