As far as impact on pop culture goes, there was before Master of None and after. The can’t-call-it-a-sitcom, situational comedy show on Netflix from Aziz Ansari took whatever was left of the mold and smashed it to bits with two seasons of grounded (and groundbreaking) television that focused both on the normal (Ansari’s character Dev going on a series of dates in a whip-fast series of intercut vignettes) and on the rarely seen on television (an episode done largely without sound from a deaf couple’s perspective). This type of thoughtfulness and originality can be seen throughout Ansari’s many endeavors. As a stand-up comedian, he’s already released four full-length specials, one for Comedy Central, one on his website and two on Netflix.

Ansari’s material is often focused on his own life. The stories he tells stories about his cousin Harris, a teenager who quotes himself on Facebook and according to Ansari is, “a weirdo and completely insane,” are always a highlight. His critique of Harris’s essay to get into college in which he compares the splitting of an atom to Redbox is almost brutal.

After a long break, it will be interesting to see where Ansari’s comedy stands up now.

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