Touted as “stand-up comedy for your short attention span,” The Hilarious 7 at Hooters Casino Hotel is comedy for the ADHD generation. Get your laughs in digestible, 10-minute doses from seven of the most entertaining comics around. Traditional stand-up comedy shows only showcase a host, featured act and a headliner, but The Hilarious 7 offers a far bigger variety to please all comedy palates.

The lineup varies every night, so each show is unique. Hosted by Sin City favorite John Hilder, The Hilarious 7 invites guests to enjoy the best local and touring comedians as they try to fill up their time slots before the ending siren blares. Will they get that last joke in before time’s up? There’s a countdown clock on the screen so that both audiences and the comics can keep an eye on the time.

Expect plenty of dirty jokes. No subject matter is off limits, as long as the comics wrap it up in time. They will definitely be doing some crowd work and nobody is safe, not even them, because the dreaded siren is ready to cut them off if they're not careful. Come see why seven really is a lucky number.

Hooters, 9 p.m. Tues. & Thurs.-Sat., starting at $34.95 plus tax and fee, 18+. 702.483.8056