The name of his band may sound abrasive and confrontational, but Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta is one of the friendliest guys in heavy metal. For years, Jasta has balanced his work in Hatebreed (as well as side projects including Kingdom of Sorrow and Icepick) with a position as an unofficial heavy metal ringmaster, hosting MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball as well as his self-titled podcast. Jasta brings metal musicians together as a host, and he’s also a regular guest performer on albums by other artists.

He’s also fronted Hatebreed since 1994, from the band’s 1997 debut album Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire, which established them as a major force on the hardcore scene, through the expansion of their sound into a more metal direction. The Hatebreed tour celebrates the group’s 25th anniversary, with openers that represent the various sides of the band, from death metal legends Obituary to hardcore pioneers Agnostic Front and industrial metal band Prong. “We’re excited to bring out this massive tour package with some of our favorite bands,” Jasta said in announcing the tour.

Whether hosting a TV show or putting together a tour, Jasta continues to strengthen the bonds of the metal community.

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