Where better than Sin City to see a show all about the many forms of sensuality? Cirque du Soleil puts a sexy spin on acrobatics at Zumanity. Embrace your inner fantasies and check your inhibitions at the door at this burlesque cabaret mashup full of naughty new acts.

The production is bursting with sexy performers in all shapes, sizes and orientations so you’ll be covered, no matter what turns you on. If whips and chains excite you, or even just pique your curiosity, it’s time to see one of the hottest aerial acts on the Las Vegas Strip. Aerialists are joined by contortionists, dancers and some of the sexiest synchronized swimmers you’ve ever seen.

The only thing that could up the sex appeal of this show more is a sultry soundtrack. Soulful singers and a seductive live band take things to the next level.

Drag star Edie hosts the show and keeps the crowd laughing in between the edgy acts. Lucky guests are brought onstage and might just end up discussing their sex lives with a few hundred strangers. After a night of tantalizing voyeurism, it’s safe to say the crowd and performers have gotten to know each other on a more intimate level. The foreplay all builds up to the unexpected ending, proving Zumanity really does beat reality.

New York-New York, 7 & 9:30 p.m. Fri.-Tues., $69-$105 plus tax and fee, $125 plus tax and fee for duo sofas (sold in pairs only), 18+. 866.606.7111