Mystère debuted at Treasure Island back in 1993 and as the first and longest-running Cirque du Soleil production on the Strip, is responsible for popularizing acts now common on numerous Las Vegas stages. The cast of more than 65 performers includes trapeze artists, acrobats and contortionists with comedic interludes to balance out the action.

It could be said Mystère is the most generic of the Vegas Cirque productions, but it’s arguably the most well-rounded—and with its vibrant imagery and costumes, maybe even the most cultural—offering appeal for those trying to decide on just one show to see while in town. Characters come and go quickly, and live musicians mix rock beats with minstrel melodies for an energy and pace that’s easy to absorb.

There is no distinct story, although the recurring, playful presence of a jumbo-sized baby suggests a loose circle-of-life theme relatable to audiences of all demographics. One of the show’s most valuable stars is the stage itself (in the first permanent theater custom-built for Cirque). It rises, lowers and transforms shape, often complementing the aerial performers and set pieces that descend from the ceiling.

Despite its age, Mystère is timeless and incredibly engaging. There’s a reason it’s been around this long.

Treasure Island, 7 & 9:30 p.m. Sat.-Wed., starting at $49 plus tax and fee. 702.894.7722