Those who think hair metal ceased to be in the 1980s should look no further than Steelheart, a glam metal band that didn’t get its start until 1989.

The success of single “I’ll Never Let You Go (Angel Eyes)” off of their titular debut album in 1990 was a power ballad that captured the genre’s best attributes: scorching vocals from lead singer Miljenko Matijevic, a slick guitar solo and lyrics that couples could sing to each other as they held each other tightly in their matching black leather jackets: “Angel eyes / You have angel eyes. / Such a smile that lights up my life oh. You’re a dream come true / Now I’m holding you / And I’ll never, never let you go / I will never let you go.”

While Steelheart never ascended the U.S. charts to such heights again after this release, they found immense fame in Asia with their second album, Tangled in Reins. The piano ballad “Mama Don’t You Cry” reached No. 1 in Hong Kong. The song features intricate harmonies and an effective usage of children’s choir playing off Matijevic’s lead. One other notable song is “My Love Is Gone,” which Steelheart released in South Korea in 2015 and shows just how powerful Matijevic’s voice is. He is a lead singer made for glam metal, no matter the decade.

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